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A full service Nail salon : We offer quality assistance as well as a wide scope of services ranging from manicures, Pedicure ,Hands & Feet Massage with Reflexology , and Artificial Nails, Nail art to waxing, Threading ,Skin care, eyelash extensions.

Clean -sanitize - fresh environment ( very low chemical smell ) :
sanitize-sanitize That is the rule here in our salon.
The first impression for most of our customers is a very clean salon with almost no strong odor.
In many other nail salons you can experience terrible strong chemical smell that may bring great dangers to your health.
At Nail club & Spa We have 5 powerful Ventilation machines working 24/7 that will take odor out and bring fresh air in all the time. We guarantee you will experience a very comfortable environment.

Great customer service : You will have a very warm welcome right from the moment you walk in because you immediately belong to our family. Treating our customers like members of our family, is our goal , our culture and our promise.

Quality care : At our salon we guarantee each service we perform . We never charge for a broken nail or fixing little things within 1  week. We use quality brand name products.
We are good listeners. We do the job the customer’s way not our way.

Affordable prices : Many people think luxury, first-rate care means expensive. We want to prove it has another meaning: " affordability ".
At Nail Club & Spa we believe every customer deserves luxury care at very affordable prices .
It is a surprise for many of our first time customers when they can receive quality services at low prices. In fact, all of our customers have been enjoying this great benefit.
Here are some main reasons that we can keep our price affordable:

+ Lower rent : In fact, we don't have a perfect location like in the mall or in expensive shopping centers. In most cases salons have to pay $4,000- $ 10,000 per month for rent alone. Just think how many pedicures they have to do per month to cover rent only!
Therefore, they must either charge customers more or lower quality of services and buy cheap products in order to survive .
+ Work long hours and have good tips : Most of us working 10 hours a day , 6 days a week and luckily we have good tips from our happy customers.
+ Open 6 days a week : for customers most convenience and keep the prices stable we open 6 days a week.
+ Busy salon : Our business is growing due to customers references.  Happy customers refer many others to our salon, so all of us have quality care at affordable prices.

So come and experience the excellence that will leave you and your nails feeling beautiful and happy.

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Please give us your comment or any question you may have about our sercice. We like to hear from you.

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